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“Moin Moin”

Heading to the North..

It was mid-September when I moved to Germany. My first destination was Berlin. The sky was shrouded in grey, the streets were packed with waves after waves of people, and the noises of the city hissed in my ears. I got frustrated from the scenes I saw within few hours while waiting for my train to head to the destination – Flensburg.

First time in Europe, in a country where my local language skills were limited with few words.

I arrived at my final destination by the late end of the day. Its night. There is not a single person or sound in this sleeping town which is laying on the shores of Baltic Sea. I absorb the silence and peace around.IMG_2085

Mesmerizing beauty

I spent the next few days to discover the town and surroundings. I started getting used to this town, despite of the weather and other challenges. I had daily wanderings at the harbor where the ships anchored and swayed with the waves. Various festivals were organized almost every weekend at this spot. I started enjoying the view of this coziest of towns with an air coming straight out of a fairy tale. One needs only very short time to find their peace in this mesmerizing city with unique German style architecture and clean air. Even though Flensburg is a very small town, but since it’s hosting a lot of local and international students, the social life is quite vibrant in the town. Very small but cozy walking street, shops, weekly farmer markets in the city center, festivals at the bay, cafes and restaurants became my favorite places, also the meeting points with my friends during my stay.



Politeness is a habit in this town..

I was immensely surprised by hearing greetings with smiles all the time by the bus drivers, shop owners, neighbors, etc. Every day starts with warm “Moin-Moin” which means hello in Northern Germany. It is also very common that while waiting for the bus, or driving in the train, your neighbor will approach you and start talking in a very friendly way.

People hang their shoes in the streets with the hope that they will come back again

Sea definitely matters..

Beautiful streets, buildings and harbor are not the only elements to describe this lovely town. There are also few very nice beaches around the town which is very easy to reach by public transport or bicycle. Even though the weather will not always allow you to go for a swim at the sea, one can still enjoy the pleasure of watching the waves, having coffee or organizing a picnic with friends. I cannot close this topic without mentioning that Denmark is only a small bridge away. Once you cross the bridge you step in a different country.

This small bridge is linking Germany to Denmark.

They say the place you spend your student years becomes the loveliest place with the best memories later on in your life. May be that is the reason why, Flensburg will always remain one of my favourite towns, where I met my best friends, spent unforgettable 2,5 years, found my favourite cafes, such as Campus cafe, Cafe Barista, Cafe Central, Marien – Cafe, Cafe Kritz, Cafe Extrablatt. I miss each of these cafes where I spent hours and hours every day, to read, to study, to surf on internet or to socialize with my friends.

Grosse Strasse- Walking street


A girl from Azerbaijan, travel and visual art enthusiast who has left her homeland in 2011, ever since, she can never find home again. Started believing that she belongs to nowhere and everywhere in the same time...

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  1. Very nice & interesting dear Nili specially the combination between written description & photos…
    Carry on.
    Mohamed Moustafa KAMAL

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