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New page in the land of Vikings – Sonderborg, Denmark

Across the borders

This city attracted me from the beginning when I started my courses at the Southern Denmark University. I was taking the trip from the German town of Flensburg where I was living, to Sonderborg to attend my classes twice per week. Every time while crossing the border I was witnessing such a mystic beauty of mother nature, the endless green fields, lakes, fjords, and sometimes I was lucky enough to watch the sunset or the sunrise. As the university is laying on the very shores of the Baltic Sea, one of the greatest pleasures of those days for me was sipping the coffee in the cozy cafeteria at the university while watching the view to the beautiful blue water and mesmerizing simplistic, stylish small Danish apartments behind it.

Only after a semester I moved to this lovely town where I would be working and getting more acquainted with the local culture.



I started my new job where I would find myself in a mostly Danish entourage. Surely I did not know what to expect. I discovered it in a very short time. Finding yourself in a mostly Danish surrounding means, “you urgently need to alter your habits and start new healthy lifestyle. You need to change your diet, start consuming 0.1% milk and yogurt, and restrict sugar and carbs in your diet. Of course doing sports must become the priority in your life.”

It did not take much time for me to be totally hypnotized and adapt so much to this idealistic lifestyle, that I could easily spend an hour in the supermarket just to get only few things. I was reading all the contents of the food as an investigator reading a police report.

This evolution did not end only with food and going to the gym regularly. But I also rediscovered an old acquaintance who quickly became my best friend my bicycle. Before I was occasionally biking, but it never became my main transportation. In Sonderborg, that was my sole transportation to use within the city, regardless of the season, in sunshine, rain or snow. My bike became to me, like a horse to a musketeer.


Discovering the culture

There were some other aspects of the culture and habits that took me by surprise. For instance, most of the Danes cannot resist licorice. They love it so much that other people who did not grow up there will never understand.

Birthdays without a Danish Flag?? – No way, we need to celebrate it again. Flags are the most important element of the birthdays in Denmark. All the birthday decorations are made with the flag, including the cakes.

Speaking of the culture, I must mention the breakfasts in the office. This was the best part 🙂 In some regions in Denmark every Fridays, someone in the team provides breakfast for the whole team with all the freshly baked bread, different types of Danish cheese, homemade marmalade, chocolate slices (Pålægschokolade  – I haven’t seen it anywhere else), and freshly baked pastries. Breakfast heaven every Friday.


Denmark has the best…

Like in every country there are always things that you will always miss once you leave the place. Here I will name only few out of many things that I miss from Denmark. First of all, if you experience life in a different country you will realize that not in all countries people are very friendly, polite and understanding in the same way. I had my best experience in Denmark related with local people, their respectfulness, their warm welcome and friendliness. I can write so many words on this topic. But may be in another blog.

Secondly, the quality of food. Almost all the Danish products are organic as the society is very strictly restricted on the healthy eating. For instance, fruits and vegetables are available in the market only during the season, and dairy products have the expiry date only for few days, not 3monthes like in most of other countries.

Oh, and I can’t forget about the heavenly smelling Danish butter cookies. They are my favorite of all. I can never get enough of them.

Last but not the least, Danish Bakeries. OMG, I can’t count how many types of bread they have in the bakeries. They are so fresh and so good regardless of the time of the day you pay a visit.

It definitely was a great experience to live in Denmark, experience life in the land of Vikings and meet all those wonderfully nice people_MG_2033IMG_2586

Hope I gave you some insights regarding to life in Southern Denmark and you enjoyed reading my blog.


A girl from Azerbaijan, travel and visual art enthusiast who has left her homeland in 2011, ever since, she can never find home again. Started believing that she belongs to nowhere and everywhere in the same time...

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