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Hiking in Bohemian Paradise

Even though I live here, this is the first time I am writing a post about an experience within Czechia. Although I have plenty of topics to cover, but I never got the chance to share it until now.

It is quite common to see people travel from one country to another to explore the charming nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I was surprised by the knowledge these travelers have of the best spots for hiking, skiing, rafting or camping, not just in Czechia but many even know the most special natural spots in my home country, Azerbaijan.

I used to make fun of people who told me stories of how they traveled over the weekend for a hike or a rafting trip. I would tell them stories of how they missed out on the beauties of lazy, chilled out weekend, when you can have long brunches, slow sips on your coffee and relaxed evenings at the cinema, or walking down the small alleys of the city. I had never been hiking before in my life, but friends do have a unique way of convincing you to experience new things. Thanks to them I went on my first hiking trip and experienced the mesmerizing beauties and colors of autumn in the Czech nature. Thank God for such friends!

On that weekend of October 2018, which we assumed might be the last mild weather of the year before the winter takes over and forces us into hibernation, we decided to head on a hike to Bohemian Paradise (in Czech – Český ráj) and added one more irreplaceable experience to our memories.

The route is called The Golden Path, which starts in the town of Turnov, located on the right bank of Jizerta river. There we had our coffee and food before we started the hiking tour. Afterwards we continued towards Drabovna town via Bukovina where we walked through a group of rock formations. Drabovna is known as rocky town as well. Our final destination was Pantheon which is located in Mala Skala town. Pantheon, also known as Vranov Castle, is built on the edge of a rock cliff above the Jizera River. The view from that point is breathtaking! Don’t look down though if you fear heights.

Our trip ended in the small town of Mala Skala with some snacks and drinks before hoping on the train and making our way back to Prague.


A girl from Azerbaijan, travel and visual art enthusiast who has left her homeland in 2011, ever since, she can never find home again. Started believing that she belongs to nowhere and everywhere in the same time...

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